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Stonetown, Zanzibar: A Lesson Learnt

We’d heard a lot about Stonetown, Zanzibar, before we arrived and I couldn’t wait to check it out. The day was incredibly hot; a thick, stuffy heat hung in the air like an oppressive cloud. My first impression of Stonetown was how busy and manic it was; cars honked continuously and would snake past you in the smallest of gaps. Our first stop was checking out the local market. Stonetown, Zanzibar , is famous for its Darajani Market where you can purchase everything from clothing, to local fruits to electronics. The market was teeming with life; the stools were piled high with goods and street sellers would try every trick in the book to indulge you in conversation. The brightly coloured stools, orange sand floor and bright blue sky have made the Darajani markets stand out as a colourful adventure in my mind.   As the midday heat crept up, we decided to grab a taxi to the waterfront and check out the restaurant called “Archipelago’s” that had been recommended to us. At t